Suit of Wands
Card Meanings


KEYWORDS:  Inspiration, power, creation, beginnings, potential.


GENERAL MEANING:  The Ace of Wands is a highly action-oriented card telling you to just go for it!  It is telling you to listen to your intuition and act, even if you don’t have everything planned out.  Start with the basics and get going, you can develop a more detailed plan later.  This card represents a time that you are feeling inspired and motivated by the potential to make your dreams come true.  Right now, this potential is just a spark and you must work hard to make to grow it into a raging fire of success. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Delays, lack of motivation, weighed down.


REVERSED MEANING: The Ace of Wands indicates you do not know what you want.  You are feeling uninspired and unmotivated and your energy is low.  You are beginning to think these new ideas are not what you want at all.  It can also suggest that you are feeling unable to pursue new ideas and opportunities because you have too many other responsibilities and commitments.  (you need to look at the Ten of Wands to see what is no longer serving you and let it go).  The reversed Ace of Wands can be indicating that you are beginning to feel impatient because of delays in progress with your project.


KEYWORDS:  Speed, action, air travel, movement, swift change

GENERAL MEANING:  The Eight of Wands represents high energy to move forward with you plans.  The struggles and challenges of the Seven of Wands has now passed and you pursue your goals with renewed speed.  This is a time of focused motion and activity.  You are completely dedicated to reaching your goal and you are filled with enthusiasm and energy.  The Eight of Wands reminds you to keep looking to the next goal but complete the task at hand before moving to the next.  This card is telling you that this is the time to act.  Do not hesitate for even a minute but also do not rush in without a clear plan.  Make your plans, focus your energy and go for it.

PERSONALITY:  The Eight of Wands personality is someone with high energy who is quick thinking and acting.  They are always involved in several things at a time and they love to travel. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Delays, frustration, holding off

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Eight of Wands can indicate that you are encountering a large number of delays.  All your energy is going to waste because there are so many obstacles standing in your way and you are becoming frustrated and impatient.  It also suggests that you may need to slow down and evaluate your next steps as you may have overlooked or miscalculated something in your haste.  The Eight of Wands reversed can also suggest you have too many projects going at once and are not staying focused on completing any of them.  Pick one and complete it before you move to the next. 


KEYWORDS:  Future planning, progress, decisions, discovery

GENERAL MEANING:  The Two of Wands is all about planning and making progress.  You have taken the spark of the Ace and put a plan in place to lead you to success.  You are ready to step out of your comfort zone and make the first steps toward your goals.  The card indicates you are beginning to think about your long-term goals and are looking ahead and planning for them.  The decision of the Two of Wands is the decision to leave what you know behind and expand your horizons.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Fear of unknown, lack of planning

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Two of Wands suggests the need to take a good hard look at your plans for the future and start making them a priority in your daily life.  It also suggests that you are no longer growing because of you fear of the unknown.  You are afraid to take risks and are unwilling to try anything new or unfamiliar.  This card can indicate you have been over confident and not made the proper plans to succeed. 



KEYWORDS:  Courage, persistence, test of faith, resilience

GENERAL MEANING:  The Nine of Wands suggests that you are close to completing your goal, but you are now experiencing some last-minute challenges.  This card reminds you that you have the inner strength to overcome the challenges and encourages you to stand strong and keep faith – your reward is very near.  It is like the last test of faith before you reach the finish line.  You have endured the struggles and you have overcome many obstacles, use what you have learned to make the final push to victory. 

PERSONALITY:  The Nine of Wands personality can be a resilient, disciplined and confident person ready to take on the world.  Or it could be someone who feels vulnerable or threatened and has become an argumentative, defensive and paranoid individual. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  On the edge, defensive, hesitant, paranoia

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Nine of Wands suggests that you are hesitant to make commitments in fear that the responsibilities will become overwhelming. You feel like you are stuck in a life of all work and no play and you lack the resources you need to overcome the challenges you are facing.  It also suggests that you have become defensive and you are settling back into old habits that held you back.  Take some time to release some of those frustrations and pressures you are feeling.


KEYWORDS:  Preparation, foresight, enterprise, expansion

GENERAL MEANING:  The Three of Wands indicates that your plans are going as expected and you are looking to expand on those plans. You must stay open-minded and concentrate on looking for new opportunities.  These opportunities may be beyond your current surroundings, but now is the time to look at and prepare for long-term goals.  This card is encouraging you to have vision and foresight for greater possibilities. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Lack of foresight, delays, obstacles to long-term goals

REVERSED MEANING:  This suggests that you have been unable to make progress in your plans.  You have become frustrated and disappointed with the delays and creative blockages you have encountered and not you are feeling you have wasted your time.  This card asks you to take another look at your plans and be realistic bout the risks associated with them. 


KEYWORDS:  Burden, responsibility, hard, work, stress, achievement

GENERAL MEANING:  The Ten of Wands represents the completion of a cycle.  You have accomplished your goals and you have received your rewards. But this card also suggests that there are certain responsibilities and commitments that come with success and you must attend to these.  The Ten of Pentacles encourages you to let go of things you no longer need and learn to delegate some of your responsibilities to others so you do not become overburdened and life is not enjoyed.  You may need to implement new systems to help manage your time and prioritize tasks.  It also warns about becoming over-worked and overwhelmed with any extra responsibilities. 

PERSONALITY:  The Ten of Wands personality is someone who works long hours and large workloads because they micro-manage or have not learned to delegate.  They habitually take on too much and suffer for it. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Taking on too much, avoiding responsibility

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Ten of Wands suggests you have taken on too much and are unwilling to let go of any of the burden.  It is suggesting you find help.  This card can also indicate that you have begun to let go of some of the burden and are releasing yourself from unnecessary responsibilities.


KEYWORDS:  Celebration, harmony, marriage, home, community

GENERAL MEANING:  The Four of Wands indicates you are now enjoying a time of stability, happiness and celebration.  It represents balance as well as completion and a time of peace and joy as the result of sometimes challenging and difficult effort.  It is one of the most positive cards of the tarot, as it indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fullfilment.  It indicates a time of celebration in both home and career life.  This card represents a goal obtained, a vision beginning to be realized or the personal gratification of a job well done.  It serves as a reminder that things in life are not always come easy, so when you obtain a goal you need to take the time to celebrate. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Breakdown in communication, transition

REVERSED MEANING:  The Four of Wands reversed suggests that there is a lack of communication with family.  There are feelings of tension, concerns and relationship problems.  It can also indicate an unstable home situation that is resulting in a transition that is not agreeable.  This card suggests you are feeling out of balance and uncertain of your future. 


KEYWORDS:  Enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit

GENERAL MEANING: This Page is a free spirit who represents change and new beginnings.  He represents the freedom to come and goes as you please.  This Page represents an idea or creative project that just pops into your head and encourages you to listen to your subconscious and follow that urge.  Even though you may not have a plan or know exactly where you’re headed, the Page of Wands is telling you to explore the idea.  It is the initial spark of a new idea.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Setbacks to new ideas, pessimism, lack of direction

REVERSED MEANING:  This Page suggests you may have found that the idea or project you had started is not leading you to where you want to be.  It could indicate that you no longer have the motivation or the vision to complete the project or that you simply have lost interest altogether in the subject. 


KEYWORDS:  Disagreement, competition, strife, tension, conflict

GENERAL MEANING:  The Five of Wands indicates you are involved in a situation where there is competition and conflict and your position or point of view is being challenged.  The tension is making it impossible to move forward towards your goals and you are feeling frustrated.  You need to establish a plan to give everyone a chance to share their view and a space to come to a create a plan to move forward together.  Everyone has something to offer and diverse ideas can make the experience much richer and more rewarding.  The Five of Wands also encourages you to accept and embrace change instead of fighting against it. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Conflict avoidance, increased focus on goals

REVERSED MEANING:  The Five of Wands can suggest that you avoid conflict whenever possible.  The problem is that the problem will not go ways just because you are avoiding it.  You need to face the conflict in order to move forward.  Also, this card may indicate your acknowledgement that you need to be focused in order to achieve your goals. 


KEYWORDS: Energy, passion, lust, action, adventure, impulsiveness

GENERAL MEANING:  This is the Knight that acts with confidence and true commitment.  He indicates the actual pursuit of an idea.  This Knight suggests you are ready to take any challenge that stands in your way to make you dreams and ideas reality.  But he also indicates a need to balance this intense energy and confidence with a realistic view of what the consequences of your actions may be and a well thought out plan for facing challenges. The Knight of Wands could represent something that comes into your life very quickly and unexpectedly, something that demands your attention until it passes.  Make time to give it your full attention and do not resist it. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS: Haste, scattered energy, delays, frustration

REVERSED MEANING:  Reversed, this Knight indicates delays, frustration and getting nowhere.  It represents loss of personal power.  It can also suggest someone hiding that they cannot control a situation. 


KEYWORDS:  Public recognition, victory, progress, self-confidence

GENERAL MEANING:  The Six of Wands indicates that you have reached your goals, you are a success and you are being acknowledged for it.  This could be on a large public scale or a simple pat on the back from someone close to you.  You have used your skills and talents to reach your goals, you have learned from your challenges and you are enjoying the feeling of boosted self-confidence.  Tis card encourages you to keep focused on the long-term goal and to continue to build your reputation and brand.  It also warns not to be led by an inflated ego as this may lead to being criticized and disrepute.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Egotism, disrepute, lack of confidence, fall from grace

REVERSED MEANING:  The Six of Wands reversed indicates you have lost your self-confidence and no long believe in your ability to succeed.  You have received negative feedback or have not be acknowledged for your efforts and feel as though your reputation is beyond repair.  You may need to move on to another project or work situation in order to rebuild your reputation or brand. 


KEYWORDS: Exuberance, warmth, vibrancy, determination

GENERAL MEANING:  The Queen of Wands represents someone who is not afraid to show others she is powerful and faces her challenges head on.  She is warm and friendly and loves to be the center of attention.  She is a very focused and strong leader who is determined to get what she wants.  She is full of optimism and encourages those around her to be the same.   The Queen of Wands reminds you to be courageous and take action to achieve your desires. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Shrinking violet, aggressive, demanding

REVERSED:  When reversed, she is warning of a situation when someone has become manipulative, pushy or selfish.  You may be finding yourself being attacked or bullies or behaving this way yourself.  Information and perceptions are twisted and turned into lies.  You have lost your confidence and now shy away from being the center of attention. 


KEYWORDS:  Challenge, competition, perseverance

GENERAL MEANING:  The Seven of Wands represents a situation when you are being attacked.  Others are looking at what you have accomplished and have become greedy and jealous.  They maybe criticizing you or trying to take over you job or project.  The Seven of Wands is telling you to stand your ground and do not back down at any cost.  There will be challenges and obstacles, but you overcome them if you stay focused.  This is also the card that indicates it is a time to accept that you cannot always please everyone.  Know who you are and stand your ground.

REVERSED KEYWORDS: Giving up, overwhelmed, overly protective

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Seven of Wands indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed and you have lost your focus.  It suggests you have taken too much on and now you are unable to complete anything and are at risk at being caught unprepared.  All of this is lowering your self-confidence and your self-esteem and making you feel that the challenges are too much to overcome.  This card also suggests you are trying to avoid conflict and you are not standing your ground.  You have decided that going with the flow is better than the struggle.


KEYWORDS:  Natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honor

GENERAL MEANING:  The King of Wands represents pure fire energy.  You take ideas and changes the world to match your vision of it.  You are a natural-born leader and people love to follow you. This card is an indication that you are goal-oriented and a visionary.  You don’t just go with the flow, you have a very clear and direct course for your future.  The King of Wands reminds you that although there will be challenges, they are just part of your journey.  It reminds you to live with intent and vision on the long term.  The appearance of this card suggests that a new opportunity will be presenting itself to you soon and you have the power to accept the opportunity.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectations

REVERSED:  The reversed King of Wands suggest that you have set your expectation of yourself too high and may struggle to achieve those expectations and that is making you feel like a failure.  It could also indicate someone is holding you back from reaching your goals and now is the time to cut them from your life.  You may also be expecting others to have the same energy and drive you do instead of accepting them as they are. 



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