Suit of Swords
Card Meanings



KEYWORDS:  Raw power, victory, break-throughs, mental clarity.


GENERAL MEANING:  The Ace of Swords has the energy of raw power.  It is the power needed to reach your goals and destroys whatever is in the way.  However, it is double-edged, lie the sword and must be used in a way that serves the greater good. This card is telling you to use your mind, your intellect to find the solutions to your challenges. You can argue your views with clarity.  The Ace of Swords encourages you to find the truth and justice in all matters.  It represents that you have a new way of thinking and the energy to go with it. 


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Confusion, chaos, lack of clarity.


REVERSED MEANING:  The Ace of Swords indicates a lack of clarity.  You are not clear on your goals or the actions to take to achieve them.  You are reluctant to act because of this unclarity and this is causing chaos in your world.  It is also suggesting that your judgement is clouded, and you are missing important facts to make an unbiased decision. 


KEYWORDS:  Isolation, self-imposed restriction, imprisonment

GENERAL MEANING:  The Eight of Swords represents the unwillingness to recognize that you are trapped by your own thoughts and perspectives.  You need to look at the situation from a different side and look within for a new solution to your problems.  This card suggests that now is not a good time to make any important decision because you are caught up in your limiting beliefs and cannot see the truth.  You need to set yourself free and look at other solutions to the issue.  The Eight of Swords also suggest that you have given up your power.  You have rendered yourself powerless and have made yourself a victim.  It is very important that you take back your power and open your mind and eyes to all the options available to you.  The Eight of Swords represents a difficult and painful decision you must make because of your previous actions.  It is now time to deal with the situation and face your decision with inner strength. Be honest with yourself and others and you will be free of the prison you are now in. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Open to new perspectives, release

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Eight of Swords indicates that you are now open to new options and new perspectives.  You are accountable for your actions and refuse to be the victim in any situation.  It also suggests you are working on letting go of old behaviors that have been holding you back from reaching your goals. 


KEYWORDS:  Indecision, choices, true, stalemate, blocked emotions

GENERAL MEANING:  The Two of Swords indicates you are intentionally avoiding a decision.  You are doing your best to ignore what needs to be decided, hoping it will go away.  This card reminds you that life is full of difficulty decisions, but you must make them in order to move forward and succeed.  It also indicates you may need to look further in to things and be sure you have all the facts and information you need to make a good decision.  You may need to take in to consideration other ideas and viewpoints.  You need intellectual balance and to weigh the pros and cons of solutions before you act on them.  This card also suggests you are involved is a stalemate – a disagreement on a point of view.  You need to form a truce. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Indecision, confusion, information overload

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Two of Swords suggests you are mentally overwhelmed and in a state of confusion.  It shows that you are feeling stuck and able to decide because both options will lead to negative consequences.  This card may also suggest you are stuck between to competing sides and you do not know the way out. 


KEYWORDS:  Depression, nightmares, intense anxiety, despair

GENERAL MEANING:  The Nine of Swords is the card of fear and nightmares.  However, it is not your actual circumstances that are causing these, it is fear and anxiety in your mind.  It is an indication that you are obsessively worrying about a situation and literally giving yourself nightmares.  This card suggests that if you take a step back and look at the situation, you will see that it is not at all as bad as it seems.  It is encouraging you to stop worrying and do something to change the situation. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Hopelessness, severe depression, torment

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Nine of Swords indicates that you have worked yourself into a complete frenzy over a something that is really not complicated.  You need to stop what you are doing and examine the reality of the situation.  Stop letting your fear and anxiety control your thinking.  Do not let your nightmares become your reality!  Take a deep breath and realize things are not as bad as they seem.  The Nine of Swords is also warning you to guard against depression.  Talk to your friends or seek professional help if you feel the need. 


KEYWORDS:  Painful separation, sorrow, heartbreak, grief, rejection

GENERAL MEANING:  The Three of Swords represents rejection, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, betrayal and grief.  If you are not presently experiencing any of these, this card warns you to prepare for one or all of them.  This card is also reminding you that these feelings are part of the journey of life and serve as lessons.  Without these, you would not grow and learn to overcome challenges that you will face.  It is encouraging you to acknowledge the pain and sorrow and recover from it with self-love forgiveness and faith.  Let go of what is not longer serving you and move forward.  The Three of Swords represents the consequences of the difficult decision made by the Two of Swords.  You’ve made a tough choice and now you are free to move on. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Releasing, pain, optimism, forgiveness

REVERSED MEANING:  In the reversed position, the Three of Swords can indicate that you have gone through a period of loss, grief, betrayal or suffering, but you have embraced it and are ready to move on.  It can also indicate that, although you have been trying, you cannot seem to let go of these negative feelings.  This card encourages you to accept the pain and sorrow and let the healing begin so that you can move forward.


KEYWORDS:  Back-stabbed, defeat, crisis, betrayal, endings, loss

GENERAL MEANING:  The Ten of Swords represents an unavoidable failure or disaster that destroys you without warning or mercy.  It is swift and complete.  You are left powerless and feeling like a victim.  It is a difficult time of pain, loss and ending.  The Ten of Swords may seem all negative but, as with all endings there will be a new beginning, a rebirth.  The difficulties that have left you for dead are now over and there is hope on the horizon.  This card encourages you to let go of your current circumstances and accept the change they will bring.  This change will allow you to learn from your painful experiences and give you the strength to begin anew. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Recovery, regeneration, fear of ruin, inevitable end

REVERSED MEANING:  The Ten of Swords reversed indicates a painful ending that must occur for there to be growth.  This cared indicates there must be complete re-evaluation of your attitudes, thoughts and plans.  You must abandon all your views on your life and what is important to you.  This painful elimination is necessary for you to make the changes required to grow.  Resisting the inevitable ending only prolongs the agony and it will hurt the same.  The Ten of Swords also represents not letting go of old pain.  It suggests you deal with the old painful issues and release them so you can move forward.


KEYWORDS: Contemplation, recuperation, passivity, relaxation, rest

GENERAL MEANING:  The Four of Swords represents the need for healing.  A time to clear the head, heart and soul or the physical body.  A quiet, unchanging scene is needed.  You have suffered through the challenges of the Three of Swords and now is the time to rest and recuperate in solitude.  It is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished and what has challenged you and evaluate what you have learned. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Restlessness, burn-out, lack of progress

REVERSED MEANING: The reversed Four of Swords suggests that you have become restless and refusing to take the time you need to heal.  This card represents that you may be avoiding rest and relaxation as a way to not have the time or place to confront the pain or grief that you have experienced.  It also indicates that a situation you are involved in has become stagnant and progress has stopped.  The reversed Four of Swords suggests you take a step away from the situation and come back to it when your energy is better. 


KEYWORDS:  Talkative, curious, mentally restless, energetic

GENERAL MEANING:  When this Page shows up you have an abundance of energy and new ideas.  This Page is telling you to get moving and go for it.  There may be some challenges, but you can take those as they come.  This card is all about communication and information.   Go out and talk to others, read books and gather what you need to succeed. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Haste, all talk no action, undelivered promises

REVERSED MEANING:  The Page of Swords reversed may indicate information that is unchecked or incorrect.  It suggests an inability to make good on promises and the willingness to talk but not act. 


KEYWORDS:  Conflict, tension, loss, defeat, win at all costs, betrayal

GENERAL MEANING:  When the Five of Swords appears, you are finding yourself engaged in conflict and disagreement with everyone.  This negative engagement is leading to tension and hostility.  Even though you feel you have won, you may end up the loser because you have hurt and upset everyone and now others have lost faith in you and don’t want to be around you.  This card can also represent winning at all costs and discovering the price was not worth the victory.  The Five of Swords can also indicate that you have been betrayed by someone you trust or do not think of as your enemy.  It warns to be careful who you trust as you might be the victim of gossip.  All in all, the Five of Swords is telling you to pick your battles wisely, fight fair and for a good cause. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Open to change, past resentment

REVERSED MEANING:  The Five of Swords suggests that you have come to the pint that you are unable and unwilling to fight anymore.  You are ready to forgive and forget and get back to focusing on the long-term goals.  You are open to change and are looking inward for insight and motivation to do so (going back to the lesson the Four of Swords).  This card may also indicate that you are holding on to some past resentment and the need to forgive and let go of this.  Holding on to this resentment will only hold you back from reaching your goals. 


KEYWORDS:  Opinionated, hasty, action-oriented, communicative

GENERAL MEANING:  This card shows great ambition, determination and strength to succeed no matter what.  It often reveals a time when you are starting on a new project or idea and there is no stopping you.  You are overflowing with energy and you are ready to take quick action to manifest all your goals.  You care ready to solve any problem or overcome any obstacle that may stand in your way.  The problem is that you may not see all the challenges that lay ahead.  You could be cutting corners or rushing things to get the job done.  This Knight also represents your intense desire for knowledge and an understanding of the world around you. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Scattered thought, disregard for consequences

REVERSED MEANING:  This card may indicate that you will have to learn life’s lessons alone for a while and gain the experience and maturity that will bring.  It can also suggest that you need to slow down, gain some focus and avoid burn-out or exhaustion. 


KEYWORDS:  Regretful but necessary transition, rite of passage

GENERAL MEANING:  The Six of Swords shows you that it is time for a necessary transition and in order to move forward you must leave something important behind.  Although this is done with regret, you are urged to look to your future and see that this letting go will bring you clarity and bring you closer to your long-term goal.  This mental clarity will help you through the times ahead and help you make the right decisions.  The Six of Swords can also indicate that you will make a trip across water or a move that will lead to sad good-byes. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Cannot move on, carrying baggage.

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Six of Swords represents the inability or unwillingness to move on or leave problems in the past.  You are too attached to your baggage so here is where you stay.  The Six of Swords asks that you examine what you are carrying with you and to see how it is keeping you from a much better future. 


KEYWORDS: Quick thinker, organized, perceptive, independent

GENERAL MEANING:  This card represents the intellect’s ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of emotion.  It represents the connecting with others through intellectual understanding rather than emotions.  The Queen of Swords suggests you need to be independent in thought and judgement.  You must use every piece of available information and fact that you have gathered along with your unbiased intelligence to make a judgement in a given situation.  Do not let your emotions get in the way, use fact and logic to make your decision.


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Overly-emotional, bitchy, cold-hearted

REVERSED:   The reversed Queen of Swords suggest that you are thinking more with your heart than with your head and it is distorting your perception of the situation.  You are too emotionally involved, and you need to take a step back to gain an accurate view of the situation at hand.  You need to think objectively to discover what needs to be done next. 


KEYWORDS:  Betrayal, deception, getting away with something, stealth

GENERAL MEANING:  The Seven of Swords is about betrayal and deception.  You may be trying to get away with something. Whatever the circumstances, keep in mind what the consequences of your actions maybe.  This card also indicates that you may be trying to avoid having to deal with an issue you do not want to deal with.  Instead of finding a solution you are making excuses to yourself and others.  The Seven of Swords can also warn of someone in your life that is being deceitful, betraying or cheating on you.  Trust your gut when it is telling you someone is not being trust worthy or something does not feel right.  Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgement when it comes to trusting someone. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Mental challenges, breaking free

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Seven of Swords suggest a time when you are feeling as though you cannot make the necessary changes to move forward.  It encourages you to accept what life is handing you at the moment and act on it instead of trying to escape.  This card is suggesting that you work on breaking through your limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 


KEYWORDS:  Clear thinking, intellectual power, authority, truth

GENERAL MEANING:  The King of Swords is the symbol of intellectual power.  He suggests that you remain detached and objective in a specific situation to find the truth.  You need to use your intellect to discover the facts and prove your point.  Now is the time to set your emotions aside and be objective.  This card indicates you have a very clear mind now and are ready to take the lead in a situation and communicate your point of view in a very direct way.  It also encourages you to use your logic and intellect to move down the path you are on.  You will need to be able to look at any situation impartially and come to a decision that is both fair and insightful.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Manipulative, tyrannical, abusive

REVERSED:  This King can represent a lack of decisiveness about where you are headed.  You may lack the mental clarity or your thoughts are too scatter for you to work out what your next step should be.  This card can also indicate that you are feeling very lost and uncertain about your opinions and the decisions you need to make. 



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