KEYWORDS:  Manifestation, new financial opportunity, prosperity


GENERAL MEANING:  The Ace of Pentacles is all about new energy and beginnings in the material or financial areas of your life.  It represents the willingness to invest in a new business or other investment and it is the symbol of wealth and abundance in all areas of your life. It is about manifesting your goals and you have begun to create plans and take action to achieve them.  You are beginning to feel blessed in all areas of your life and that you deserve all that is coming to you.  The Ace of Pentacles may also be suggesting that you step out of your comfort zone and do or learn something new. 


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Lost opportunity, lack of planning and foresight


REVERSED MEANING:  The Ace of Pentacles reversed is warning you not to lose sight of your finances.  Do not live beyond your means and budget for savings.  It can also suggest that a financial opportunity will not pay off.  This card represents a need to re-evaluate your goals and the plans you must achieve them.  You may need to be more realistic.  The reversed Ace of Pentacles is warning you not to rush.  Be sure you are building a good foundation for what it is that you are creating and that you have taken all aspects into consideration. 


KEYWORDS:  Apprenticeship, education, quality, engagement

GENERAL MEANING:  The Eight of Pentacles is the card of apprenticeship.  It is the card of starting over, doing something new or just expanding.  The Eight of Pentacles represents a very focused and determined path to master new skills to make this change.  It is about the hard work and perseverance you will need to have to reach your goal.  This card indicates that you are working to better yourself and it is encouraging you to keep doing what you are doing as it will lead you to success.  The Eight of Pentacles reminds you not to be afraid to search out further education should you need it to master the skills you already have. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Perfectionism, lacking ambition or focus

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Eight of Pentacles can indicate that you are being too focused on perfection and it is preventing you from moving forward.  You will have to let go of some of your control and be willing to make mistakes and learn.  It also can represent your lack of ambition and focus.  Starting new or over can be frustrating and hard work but the end reward is worth the trouble.

Suit of Pentacles

Card Meanings


KEYWORDS:  Balance, adaptability, time management, prioritization

GENERAL MEANING:  The Two of Pentacles represents a need for balance between the new venture indicated by the Ace of Pentacles and the rest of your life.  It is reminding you to pay attention to the constant juggling of business and family so as to not drop the ball of either one.  You must become skilled at time and financial management.  The Two of Pentacles predicts change and indicates you will need to be flexible and able to adapt to it. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Disorganization, financial disarray

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Two of Pentacles suggests you are struggling to manage everything you have going on.  You are becoming overwhelmed and stressed.  This card encourages you to get organized and make plans to effectively manage your time and finances.  You need to plan a budget and stick to it.  Also, this card advises you to not over-commit in you business or personal life.   


KEYWORDS: Gratitude, luxury, self-sufficiency, culmination

GENERAL MEANING:  The Nine of Pentacles indicates that because of your actions and hard work you are now able to enjoy money leisure time, rest and material comfort.  You are feeling self-confident, independent, free and self-sufficient.  If you have accomplished your goal enjoy it!  You deserve to spoil yourself and others with the rewards of all your hard work and planning.  If you have not yet reached your goal, stick to your plan and keep up the great self-discipline and self-control it takes to get your rewards. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:   Over investment in work, financial setbacks

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Nine of Pentacles suggests that you may have not built a solid foundation and are at risk of financial setbacks and losses.  If this the case, learn from your past mistakes and build a better plan and foundation.  The Nine of Pentacles may also indicate that you are devoting to much time and attention to work and not seeing to your family obligations.  This card reminds you that although work is an important necessity it should not take priority over your family or other relationships. 


KEYWORDS:  Teamwork, initial fulfillment, collaboration, learning

GENERAL MEANING:  The Three of Pentacles represents the initial fulfilment of a goal or plan.  You are enjoying the initial satisfaction of the project you have been planning and you all the skills you need to reach your goals.  This card is encouraging you to keep working towards your goals, stay determined and undistracted and you will eventually make your dreams a reality.  The Three of Pentacles may also suggest that it is time to ask for help and learn form the experience of others to complete the project.  It is reminding you that teamwork, collaboration and cooperation are the keys to success in many situations.  Learning from and working with those with different skills, more experience and different backgrounds creates synergy and improved results.  It is also reminding you that planning management and organization are very important to success. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Lack of teamwork, disregard for skills

REVERSED MEANING: The reversed Three of Pentacles can indicate a lack of team-work.  It can signify an attitude of competitiveness instead of collaboration.  The reversed Three of Pentacles can also indicate that you are seeking respect in your workplace and that you feel your skills are not appriciated or acknowledged.  It can also indicate that you have grown bored and are looking to make a career move or change.


KEYWORDS:  Wealth, inheritance, family, establishment, retirement

GENERAL MEANING:  The Ten of Pentacles represents the attainment of success and wealth through hard work and overcoming challenges.  It indicates you are enjoying a great career or retirement, solid and stable finances and a happy home life.  You are proud of yourself and are happy you can share the wealth with others.  The Ten of Pentacles represents an abundant and financially secure life that has been build on a solid foundation that will last over time.  This card is also about the importance of family and represents tradition.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Financial failure, loneliness, loss

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Ten of Pentacles suggests that stability of the family, marriage, or financials has fallen apart and there is not longer a feeling of security.  It can mean that the marriage has ended or will do soon.  It is a card about financial loss and failure.


KEYWORDS:  Control, stability, security, possession, conservatism

GENERAL MEANING:  The Four of Pentacles signifies that you have accomplished many of your goals and accumulated some material wealth.  However, you are holding on tight to what you are received, not sharing it with anyone, not investing it in the future, trying to keep it still and unchanged.  This card suggests that you are living in fear of lack.  You have become too conservative and are no longer growing and looking to the long-term future.  You are at risk of becoming greedy and possessive.  The Four of Pentacles also indicates that you are in danger of becoming too attached to material things and neglecting your family and friends.  This card can also suggest an inflexible attitude that is unwilling to make necessary changes and the need to always be in control. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Greed, materialism, self-protection

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Four of Pentacles indicates you have become greedy, defensive and materialistic.  You are ignoring your responsibilities to your family in order to solely focus on building your career or business.  In your effort to control everything you have become stagnant and unwilling to make changes for the better.  This card asks you to loosen your hold, to regain a balance between work and home life and step out of your comfort zone in order to grow again. 


KEYWORDS:  Manifestation, financial opportunity, new job

GENERAL MEANING:  This Pages is a sign of enthusiasm and desire, focused around a goal or dream.  It indicates the motivation and energy to begin the process of creating a reality from dreams, but not the fulfilment of those dreams.  This Page encourages you to create a clear plan and apply it, to remain focused on the practical and tangible elements and not get carried way with just the ideas.  Use your common sense and start acting on those ideas.  It also suggests you pay attention to planning for the future and the future of those you love.  This card may suggest that success will come to you after you have learned and mastered new skills and the mindset to achieve your goals.  Don’t be afraid to go back to school or become and apprentice again to master another skill.


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Lack of progress or planning, short-term focus

REVERSED MEANING:  This card reversed can indicate that you have limiting beliefs or a mindset that is not allowing you to reach your goals.  It suggests that you have not sufficiently planned or that you have become lazy and undedicated.  This card in reversed can indicate that you are focused on short term pleasures instead of long-term goals.  In addition, it may indicate that you have lost faith in your talents and abilities.


KEYWORDS:  Isolation, insecurity, worry, financial loss, poverty

GENERAL MEANING: The Five of Pentacles tells of significant loss or failure.  This loss could be financial loss, loss of a job, a home, your family and friends or even that you have lost sight of your spiritual development.  The Five of Pentacles suggests that you may need to look at your beliefs and attitudes towards money and work towards changing the ones that do not serve you.  It also suggests the need to find help and support for those who care.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty

REVERSED MEANING:  The Five of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are working your way out of financial difficulties and you are feeling better about things and yourself.  However, it can also indicate that you are still struggling with the isolation and emptiness you feel inside.  You need to return to the Four of Pentacles and be reminded that you must balance your focus between both your material and spiritual wealth. 


KEYWORDS:  Efficiency, routing, conservatism, methodical

GENERAL MEANING:  This Knight suggests that you need to be trustworthy, reliable and a good provider.  You need to follow a routine and make sure a task or job is completed in that way expected.  It suggests that you are loyal and committed to get the job done, even if takes hard work.  This could also represent someone who is working for or with you that is committed to doing a good job and is loyal to you.  The Knight represents taking methodical, planned steps to your goals, sticking to routines and taking conservative risks.  Don’t give up because you have not seen success, it is surely on its way.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Laziness, boredom, feeling stuck

REVERSED MEANING:  This is about feeling stuck in a routine or relationship of any kind.  You are bored with the same routine and surroundings and feeling restless.  It can also indicate that you are choosing to ignore the practical matter in your life – managing money at home or in business, upkeep of your home and relationships. 


KEYWORDS:  Generosity, charity, giving, prosperity, sharing, wealth

GENERAL MEANING:  The Six Pentacles represents charity – you may be the wealthy man giving to the beggars or the beggars receiving from the wealthy man.  If you are the wealthy man than you have been financially successful and now is the time to share this success with those less fortunate.  This generosity is not just limited to money but can also be the giving of your time or your wisdom to those who need it.  If you are the beggar this is a time when you need to accept the help from others and get back on your feet. Once on your feet you can put your efforts into finding a lasting way to become self-sufficient. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Debt, selfishness, one-sided charity

REVERSED MEANING:   The reversed Six of Pentacles suggests that you give away more than you can afford to or that you have made loans to friends and family and did not expect or have not been paid back.  This card asks that you be sure that you can take of yourself while you are helping others.  The Six of Pentacles also warns about becoming too in debt.  Watch where you spend and do not over extend yourself. 



KEYWORDS:  Practical, homely, motherly, down-to-earth, security

GENERAL MEANING:  The Queen of Pentacles feels it is very important to be able to live independently, with a stable income and with enough time and space to nurture family and loved ones.  She indicates a need to keep a balance between family and career and still have “me’ time. She represents security and prosperity and suggests that you have worked hard for what you have and because of this you have the ability to share your wealth with others.  She reminds you to keep a down-to-earth, practical and compassionate attitude when dealing with others and your present circumstances.  Also, she suggests finding realistic and simple solutions for problems that arise is the best way to face challenges. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Imbalance in work/family commitments

REVERSED:  When reversed, this card is indicating you have become too consumed by work.  You may also be putting work before your family or other relationships.  It can reveal you are worried about having both a strong family life and financial independence.  She may also suggest that is time that you let others help with the load – either for their good or for your own good.


KEYWORDS:  Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investment

GENERAL MEANING:  The Seven of Pentacles indicates that you have are focused on the long-term goal.  You understand that there is value in investing and planning for the future and you are focused on results that will continue in the future.  You invest in things that give you the most return for your time, energy and resources.  This card also indicates that your hard work is beginning to pay off and that you are beginning to see the rewards.  The Seven of Pentacles also reminds you that if your hard work has not paid off to have patience.  The lessons you learn from your challenges will help you reach your goals.  Do not give in to the fear of failure or be frustrated with delays, instead keep focused on your goals. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Lack of long term vision, limited success or reward

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Seven of Pentacles suggests it is time for you to take a good hard look at your investments.  It suggests that the returns are not what they should be or what you thought they would be and it is time to make adjustments.  This may mean that you need to plan more carefully or be more careful when prioritizing your activities.  Do not keep what is not serving you, weather it is a goal or tangible object. 


KEYWORDS:  Security, control, power, discipline, abundance

GENERAL MEANING:  This card indicates the final fulfilment of a creative task, business venture or investment.  This has been accomplished through diligence and responsibility and can now be enjoyed.  The King of Pentacles suggests that you need to have a methodical and well thought out plan in order to succeed.  You have developed methods that work for you and you do not need to try new ways to continue to succeed.  Stay informed and get down to the basics to solve problems and leverage your various skills and knowledge to create success. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Authoritative, domineering, controlling

REVERSED:  Reversed this card indicates you may be feeling you are stuck in a rut.  It may suggest that you are being controlling and domineering.  This King reminds you to look at where you are being inflexibly and reluctant to change for the better.



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