Suit of Cups
Card Meanings



KEYWORDS:  Love compassion, creativity, overwhelming emotion


GENERAL MEANING:  The Ace of Cups represents the beginnings of a new friendship or romance, love, happiness and compassion.  It reminds you that you need to experience the feeling of love, both giving and receiving and to keep an open heart.  This card is also about creative expression and allowing your emotions to show through your work.  The Ace of Cups can also indicate conception, pregnancy or birth or a new life, new idea or new inspiration. 


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Blocked or repressed emotions


REVERSED MEANING:  This Ace is asking you to get control of your emotions and do not let them run your life.  Find other ways to express how you feel so you can be more balanced.  However, it can also indicate that you have kept your feelings hidden for too long and now is the time to express them with love and compassion.  Do not withhold your feelings from loved ones.


KEYWORDS:  Escapism, disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal

GENERAL MEANING:  The Eight of Cups indicates a time deep inner reflection.  You are wanting to discover what more life has to offer you and you are willing to leave everything you have built up in to find it.  It is possible that you have developed this desire out of a disappointment you have recently experienced or out of emotional exhaustion.  Either way you feel you can no long go on with things as they are and you are willing to walk away from it all to make the change. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Hopelessness, aimless drifting, walking away

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Eight of Cups suggest that you no longer have a clear path.  You have become confused as to where you belong and where you wan to be.  It also represents knowing when a situation is no longer serving you and that it is time to walk away.  You know that it is not an easy thing to do but in the long wrong it is best for all involved.  The Eight of Cups can also represent the want to escape from your fear of commitment or facing your troubles. 


KEYWORDS:  Unified love, partnership, attraction, relationships

GENERAL MEANING:  The Two of Cups represents balance, mutual respect and harmony in relations with one another.  This card usually indicates a romantic love.  It represents the start of a new romance that you will experience understanding, harmony and deep love.  It can indicate marriage, proposals and engagements.  The Two of Cups can also represent partnerships of any kind. This card also represents the love one must have for oneself in order to attract the love of another. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Break-up, imbalance in a relationship, lack of harmony

REVERSED MEANING:  This indicates you my have trust issues and are afraid to show your true feelings.  It suggests there is lack of communication, respect and understanding in the relationship.  The Two of cups reversed can indicate that a break-up is in the works or that the relationship is more physical than emotional. 


KEYWORDS:  Wishes fulfilled, comfort, happiness, satisfaction

GENERAL MEANING:  The Nine of Cups is called the “Wish” card. It is one of the most uplifting and positive card in the deck and it shows satisfaction on all levels, emotional, physical and sensual.  Its appearance is a sign that whatever you desire, whatever you have been dreaming of and working for will soon be granted.  It is about joy, happiness and abundance and enjoying each of these in your life.  The Nine of Cups is also about showing gratitude for the blessing in your life each and every day.  This card represents stability and a good foundation for the future.  It also about being proud of and enjoying the rewards of what you have worked so hard for.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Greed, dissatisfaction, materialism

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Nine of Cups can suggest that you are feeling that there is something missing inside of you.  You may have let your success become a path to gluttony, greed or materialism.  This card can indicate that you over-indulgence in food, alcohol or drugs has lead to destroying your happiness.  The reversed Nine of Cups can also suggest that you have no concern for the well-being of others and you are only concerned with what serves you.  This card encourages you to be kind and considerate to others.


KEYWORDS:  Celebration, friendship, creativity, community

GENERAL MEANING:  The Three of Cups is about friendships and other happy relationships.  It is telling of a very social period for you were you are enjoying a balance between commitments and family and friends.  You may be celebrating births, marriages or engagements as well as feeling drawn to social gatherings to indulge in great food and drinks.  It indicates that problems in relationships have been solved with compromises and truces.  You may also be looking to find a community or tribe to share with and learn from. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  An affair, “three’s a crowd”, stifled creativity

REVERSED MEANING:  The Three of Cups reversed is most always indicating an affair, betrayal or a situation where three is a crowd.  However, it can represent that your creativity is being stifled by a group you are a member or the isolation from that group.  It can also represent and over-indulgence of the social scene, including too many late nights and too much drugs and alcohol. 


KEYWORDS:  Harmony, marriage, happiness, alignment

GENERAL MEANING:  The Ten of Cups represents harmony, happiness and alignment.  It is a card of attainment of ones hopes and dreams.  It is a time to be grateful for all the blessings in your life and to be proud of everything you have accomplished.  The Ten of Cups indicates a very happy and harmonious family and love life.  It also encourages you to trust your intuition and let it show you what opportunities will bring you more joy and happiness. 


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Misalignment of values, broken home of marriage

REVERSED MEANING:  The reversed Ten of Cups indicates that the happy life you are wanting is being blocked.  There are disagreements and misunderstandings as well as issues with spending some quality time with the ones you love.  This card encourages you to treat others how you would like to be treated and they will do the same.  The Ten of Cups may also indicate that you are not staying true to your values therefore you can not be truly happy.  Stop doing what others feel will make you happy and follow your heart. 


KEYWORDS:  Meditation, contemplation, apathy, re-evaluation

GENERAL MEANING:  The Four of Cups appears when you are bored or dissatisfied.  It suggests that to get over this you must look within yourself to re-evaluate the situation and find the answers.  It is can also signify that you have become withdrawn to protect yourself from the feeling of disappointment.  The Four of Cups encourages you to look around you, be alert and open-minded to new experiences that are being offered to you.  Stop being defensive.  This card encourages you to meditate and ask your inner knowledge when it comes time to make a decision about an opportunity being offered to you.  It is suggesting that you stop looking for ways to escape your feelings, and instead, look for ways to change them.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Boredom, missed opportunities, being aloof

REVERSED MEANING:  The Four of Cups reversed suggests that an opportunity is coming your way and you need to be open to receiving or you’ll miss out.  You need to stop focusing of yourself so much and allow new opportunities to appear.


KEYWORDS:  A messenger, creative beginnings, synchronicity

GENERAL MEANING:  This Page represents the beginning of a new creative project.  It is something that has been in the back your mind and is now starting to appear in your conscious thoughts.  Your subconscious is telling you things in your dreams and your intuition is urging you to take steps out of your comfort zone.  This is good time to use and trust it.  Take a fresh perspective on a difficult issue and approach it from a place of love and compassion.  The Page of cups reminds you to never stop believing in your dreams. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Creative blocks, emotional immaturity

REVERSED MEANING:  This can indicate that there a block to creating.  You are acting without thinking or against common sense and allowing your emotions to rule your decisions.  Emotionally you are very immature.


KEYWORDS:  Loss, regret, disappointment, despair, bereavement

GENERAL MEANING:  The Five of Cups represents a feeling of disappointment in a situation or person.  Something has not turned out the way you have hoped or planned and now instead of letting it go and moving forward, you are focused on the loss.  This card suggests the need to practice forgiveness of others and maybe even yourself and learn from the mistakes and disappointments instead of letting them stop you from reaching your goals.  The Five of Cups reminds you that you have plenty to be thankful for and that is where your focus should be.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Moving on, acceptance, forgiveness

REVERSED MEANING: The reversed Five of Cups indicates that you have let go of past mistakes and disappointments have embraced the lessons you have learned.  You are willing and open to step out of your comfort zone and begin taking risks again. You are hopeful for the future and believe your suffering has ended.  Through the suffering you have learned what you truly value in life.


KEYWORDS: Romance, charm, imagination

GENERAL MEANING:  This Knight represents wisdom that comes from inside of you and helps you overcome life’s obstacles.  It represents the taking of action on your dreams and ideas.  It reminds you that getting caught up in just the fantasy of the dream or idea will never make it a reality. Be sure you are taking proactive steps to achieve you dreams and goals.  He also represents a romantic lover.  He is charming and charismatic.  He is not afraid to show his emotions and is at times ruled by them.  

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Unrealistic, jealousy, moodiness

REVERSED MEANING:  Reversed, this Knight indicates a situation that in the beginning looked exciting and fun but became something very different and had to be left. 


KEYWORDS:  Reunion, nostalgia, childhood memories, innocence

GENERAL MEANING: The Six of Cups represents childhood, nostalgia and naïve happiness.  It is fine to look back and remember the times in your past, but it is important that you do not use the past as a way to escape your current situations and life.  That being said, looking back can remind you of how far you have come and the lessons that you learned by overcoming struggles.  Those lessons and the positive energy the created can be used as you move forward.  The Six of Cups can also suggest you need to get in touch with your inner child and remember what it is like to experience child-like joy and happiness.

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Stuck in the past, naivety, unrealistic

REVERSED MEANING:  The Six of Cups reversed may indicate you are living in the past or that you have not yet finished dealing with issues from the past.  It also suggests that you have unrealistic dreams and ideals based on the dreams of your childhood, that are no realistic today. 


KEYWORDS:  Emotional security, calm intuitive, compassionate

GENERAL MEANING:  No intuition is more powerful than that of the Queen of Cups.  Her connection to the subconscious is rivalled only by the High Priestess.  Thus, her appearance indicates that you need to trust your intuition and listen to your inner voice.  She suggests that you may need to show compassion for others and focus on their emotional well-being.  She reminds you that you are here to use your gifts to help others and share your knowledge of life’s challenges with them.  The Queen of Cups represents the need to properly protect yourself from loosing your sense of self.  She encourages you to follow your heart in situations that logic is not working. 

REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Emotional insecurity, co-dependence

REVERSED:  This card suggests you are feeling out of touch with your emotions.  You may be struggling to express yourself and be intentionally keeping your feelings to yourself.  This card suggests some dissatisfaction or disconnection with your spirituality.  It may also suggest that you are letting your imagination run away with you or letting your emotions control you.  The reversed Queen of Cups can indicate a co-dependency type relationship or that you are nurturing to induce dependency.  It can also indicate substance and alcohol abuse.


KEYWORDS:  Fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking, choices, imagination


GENERAL MEANING:  The Seven of Cups represents a time to get out of your head and into reality.  Dreams and ideas are nice but now is the time to bring them into reality.  This card is telling you to do your research and make an informed decision as to what it is you want.  Do not make any hasty decisions as some choices may not be all that they seem on the surface.  The Seven of Cups also represents illusion and the imagination.  It is encouraging you to separate what is real and what is made up in your head.  It also warns against giving into temptations. 


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Temptation, illusion, diversionary tactics

REVERSED MEANING: The reversed Seven of Cups indicates you are caught up in illusion and fantasy.  It suggests there is a need to dig into your subconscious to find what it is that will make you feel truly fulfilled.  The Seven of Cups can also indicate a time that you are finally focused on bringing things into reality and are making plans and taking action to do so. 


KEYWORDS:  Emotional balance and control, generosity

GENERAL MEANING:  The King of Cups represents emotional balance and control.  You have a deep understanding of your feeling and emotions and are able to connect with them when necessary.  This card encourages you to be considerate when dealing with others but remain emotionally mature and be clear as to what your boundaries are.


REVERSED KEYWORDS:  Emotional manipulation, moodiness volatility

REVERSED:  Your emotions are out of balanced.  You need to take control of them in order to move forward.  This card could represent that you are trapped in a relationship with someone who is emotional or dependent.  It could also represent that you are struggling with self-deception or deceptions of others or you are uncertain about your true feelings for someone or a situation. 



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