That's a Good Question

July 12, 2018

Asking the right question is a sure way to get a powerful tarot reading that is insightful and full of possibilities.  Good questions empower you to take responsibility and make the best decisions for yourself or the situation.  They give you answers that will help you make positive changes and overcome obstacles.


Here are 6 tips to making the ‘right question’ a ‘good question’ for that powerful Tarot reading you're looking for.


1.  Ask questions that are open-ended.  The cards are full of details and insights.  An open-ended question allows them to explain reasons and suggest possibilities.  Why take a yes or no when you can get all the juicy details?


Don’t Ask – Will I get the job?                     

Do Ask – How can I advance my career?


2.  Let’s talk about YOU!.  Asking a question about somebody else is just rude and an invasion of privacy.  Besides, you are not in control of their lives, they are.  Ask questions focused on you and how to create your life, not somebody else’s.


Don’t Ask – Does my partner think about marring me?

Do Ask – How can I prepare myself for a commitment like marriage?


3.   Take ownership of the situation.  Don’t focus on what you can’t control.  Ask questions that give you empowering insights into your situation so that you can respond to challenges and obstacles in a way that helps you grow.


Don’t Ask – Will I be rich?

Do Ask – What can I do to better my financial situation?  What blocks me from financial success and how can I overcome it?


4.  Keep your questions focused on the present.  The future is not set in stone.  What tomorrow (or even tonight) brings changes according to your actions today.  The past can't be changed, but you can use the lessons learned to help you today.


Don’t Ask – Did I make the right choice?

Do Ask – What lesson did I learn in a past situation that I can use now? 


5.  Avoid “Will I”, “When” and “Should I”.  They take away your free will and responsibility.  Instead use “What”. “Why” and “How”.


Don’t Ask – Will I get married this year?

Do Ask – What do I need to know about getting married this year?

Don’t Ask – Should I take this job?

Do Ask – Why is this the right/wrong job for me?

Don’t Ask – When will I meet the “right one”?

Do Ask – How will I know I have met the “right one”?


6. Medical and legal questions.  Leave those for the doctors and lawyers.  It's not fair to yourself or the reader to ask questions that require this kind of expert knowledge.  


Here are some more examples of good questions:

What do I need to know about………

What is the next step I need to take to achieve……….

What can I do to help……

What is standing in the way of my……….

How can I improve my ability to…….

How can I best overcome an obstacle of……….

How can I be a better………


Lastly, the wording does not need to be perfect to get a detailed and insightful message.  Figure out what you really want to know or understand about yourself or a situation and put together a question you feel accurately conveys that message and trust in the process. 


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