What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the state of being in a trance like state of deep concentration.  It gives you the ability to bypass your conscious mind and access your unconscious mind without interference.  


How does it work?

Your conscious mind is your intellect and all the things you are aware of.  Your unconscious mind is everything that is happening in the background of your conscious mind.  It works automatically without any conscious help from you.  Your conscious mind gathers millions of pieces of information, but it uses very little of it.  The rest of the information is sent to the unconscious mind to be stored.  Your unconscious mind is full of all kinds of information; good and bad memories, your imagination and traumas just to name a few.  


By allowing yourself to become completely relaxed and focused inward, you can begin to access the treasures hidden within the subconscious.  The insights that you gain from a hypnotherapy session can help you make powerful decisions and changes within yourself and put you on the path to creating the life you desire. 

About our hypnotherapist:

Traci has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist for over 8 years and is a member of the American  Board of Hypnotherapy. Her practice is centered around helping her clients identify and overcome their limiting beliefs in order to create the life they desire working with the Law of Attraction.  


For more information about what you can achieve through hypnotherapy or to book a session, please text you phone number to

(530) 401-8002 and we will call you as soon as possible to answer your questions or book an appointment. 

One hour session $90

Zoom and in person sessions available.

(In person sessions available in Lincoln, CA

and some surrounding areas)



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